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1962 Stock


Our second train is a four car unit of 1962 Stock, the type of train that provided service on the Central line from 1962 to 1995. The almost identical 1959 stock operated first on the Piccadilly line and later the Northern Line until 2000. The total fleet of 1959/62 Stock numbered 1,256 cars.

During the 1950s London Transport looked at the replacement of the 1923 stock operating on the Piccadilly line. Three seven car trains known as 1956 Stock were ordered. Metro-Cammell, Birmingham Railway Carriage Company and the Gloucester Railway Carriage Company each built one seven-car train, formed from a 4-car unit (Driving Motor - Non Driving Motor - Trailer - Driving Motor) and a 3-car unit (Driving Motor - Trailer - Driving Motor). Externally these appeared similar to the 1938 Stock except for the unpainted aluminium finish and detailed changes to the positions of destination blinds and air vents. The internal layout was also almost identical to the 1938 stock, although fluorescent lighting was used for the first time. These trains entered service on the Piccadilly line in September 1957. Following successful operation 76 seven car trains of similar design were ordered from Metro-Cammell. These trains were designated 1959 Stock and operated in service from 14th December 1959.

London Transport had planned to replace the standard stock on the Central Line with a new design, the 1960 Stock. However even before the delivery of the 1959 Stock was complete there was a change of plan. The prototype Cravens units had demonstrated the high cost of converting the standard stock trailers. Traffic on the Central Line was already heavy and the expectation that it would increase further as British Railways completed the electrification of more of the routes into Liverpool Street made the replacement of the stock on the Central Line a high priority.

Therefore In order to speed up the replacement of the pre-1938 Stock the proven Metro-Cammell design was chosen in preference to the Cravens Stock. The order was placed with the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company (338 Driving Motors and 112 Non Driving Motors) and the British Railways Workshops at Derby (169 Trailer cars). To accelerate the replacement of the pre-1938 stock on the Central Line as a temporary measure 57 trains of the 1959 Stock operated on the Central line. These trains entered Central Line service in 1960. An additional 57 non-driving motors were ordered to increase train length to the 8-cars that was required for the Central line. The new trains of 1962 Stock entered service on the Central Line between April 1962 and June 1964. The 1959 stock was then returned to the Piccadilly Line less the 57 NDMs that were incorporated into the 1962 Stock fleet.

1962 TS at Epping

Epping-Ongar services were operated by 4-car trains of 1962 Stock until 1990. Garry Thorp.

1962 TS at North Weald

1962 Stock at North Weald in the 1980s. Gary Thorp.

The 1962 Stock operated reliably on the Central line until the early 1990s. During 1989-90 safety modifications were made to the trains following the report into the Kings Cross fire. These included fitting more powerful headlights and a public address system. The passenger alarm system was altered, giving passengers communication with the driver rather than a lever automatically stopping the train.

During the 1980s replacement of the 1962 Stock was considered. Three prototype units known as 1986 Stock were ordered. Passengers were able to view these trains during a static display at Woodford Station in 1987 and they were tested in service on the Jubilee line the following year. The order for replacement trains was placed in 1989. Introduction of the replacement 1992 Stock began in 1993 and was completed over the following two years. The last train of 1962 Stock ran on the central line in February 1995. A few units were transferred to the Northern Line in the early 1990s. This allowed the 1956 stock to be scrapped

Following deliveries of the 1973 Stock the 1959 Stock was transferred to the Northern Line, allowing the first withdrawals of 1938 Stock in the mid 1970s. Further re-deployment after the arrival of new stock for the Jubilee line saw 1959 Stock also operating on the Bakerloo line in the mid 1980s. 1959 Stock continued operating on the Northern line until 2000 when the last trains were replaced with the 1995 Stock. An interesting account of the 1959 Stock last day in service can be found at the website by Richard Griffin. A handful of '59/62 units have survived and are used as pilot and sandite units.

Pilot units

A few '59/62 Stock units are now used as pilots such as this one seen at Rickmansworth in 2000.

Hainault 2002

1507 at Hainault in January 2002.

1507 Interior

The restored cab interior of 1507.

Hainault 2004

1506 after cleaning the exterior in the summer of 2004.


Following the successful purchase of the Cravens unit CHTL were able to raise the funds to purchase a second unit. 1507/9507/2506/1506 which had been stored at Hainault since being withdrawn in November 1994 was selected. It remains at Hainault undergoing restoration.

Rotten woodwork has been removed from all four cars and all the seating has been removed for cleaning and safe storage. Work is most advanced on Driving Motor 1507 where interior repainting has been completed. Replacement woodwork has been prepared for fiting and repair work in the cab is also continuing. Surfaces in the other cars have now been prepared for painting.

We have made good progress in cleaning the exterior of the train. Door mechanisms and tracks have also been overhauled. The roof is now being cleaned and prepared for painting.

How you can help...
We are looking for new members to help with the restoration effort. No specialist skills are required. We meet on alternate Sundays throughout the year and new volunteers can be sure of a warm welcome. For more information email us or download an application form.

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