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1960 Stock

Our three-car unit of 1960 Stock operated on the Central Line until withdrawl in 1994. Since 1995 we have operated regular railtours on the Underground network. Read more...
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1962 Stock

Our second train also operated on the Central Line for 30 years and is now being restored at Hainault depot. Read more...

Epping Signal Cabin

Epping Signal Cabin became redundant in 1996 when re-signalling of the Central Line was completed. Since 2001 CHTL has leased the Signal Cabin - we hope to restore the frame and open a small museum.Read more...


L11 is a unique locomotive built for shunting at Acton works. CHTL hopes to preserve this locomotive. Read more...


The eastern branches of the Central Line started life as part of the Eastern Counties Railway Read more...

More Preserved Tube Stock

Many other items of underground rolling stock have been preserved. Read more...

Aldwych November 2003

In November 2003 members of CHTL were fortunate enough to visit the disused station at Aldwych. Lightly used since opening the station retains many original features. For a detailed history of the station and an excellent collection of photographs a visit to the London Underground History site is recommeded.

Since closure in 1994 the station has been used as a film location on many occasions. The Cravens unit visited the branch in the summer of 2002 during the making of a drama for Carlton TV.

Looking up in one of the lift shafts.

Aldwych station was never completed; the public never used some sections of the station. Some tunnels remained un-tiled

Filming had been taking place on the day of our visit.

A train of '72 TS has been stored on the branch for several years. When not in use for filming it is stabled in the crossover tunnel just south of Holborn.

Recently some sections of the station have been repainted for filming.

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